Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

The relationship between an individual and his or her therapist is the heart of healing. I offer individual psychotherapy spanning all age groups and concerns. My counseling service will help you find your center again,whether you feel in crisis or just need a listening ear to help sort through the noise in your head. Sessions can be tailored to your needs, weekly, twice monthly or once a month. 

Remember that crisis is anything that happens in your life that knocks you off your feet or makes you feel lost. I provide safe, confidential processing to help you find your balance. I am skilled in crisis counseling, whether the crisis is new or from your past, healthy healing is possible. 

I have extensive experience with  clients who have experienced trauma, including veterans, victims of violence or sexual trauma and other survivors. I am skilled at integrating several disciplines in the treatment of trauma to help heal the whole person and help them find their voice once again.


Women’s Support Group

This group, for women only, focuses on relationship building with self and others and supports members to value their unique contribution.

Members are asked to make a specific time commitment to maintain consistency and the integrity of the group. Meets the second Tuesday of the month from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM.

Social Support Women’s Group

This on-going weekly support group is designed to offer a place for women to come together and find connection among peers. The group focuses on finding one’s nurturing voice, working with depression and anxiety in healthy and creative ways as well as re-connecting mind and body.

This is an ongoing support group for women who are on the journey of self-individuation. Members are asked to make a specific time commitment to be a part of this group process.